Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hawaii Day 9

Tuesday Dec 20
Today we visited Volcano National Park. This was something I had been greatly looking forward to and was not disappointed. We were not able to see lava on this trip since the active flow is a long hike in and out near the ocean and is not recommended for young kids. It was a bummer, but keeping Liam healthy and happy was more important. Even though we were not able to see that we did have an awesome time hiking around different trails. The first trail we did was Kipukapaului and it is known to have awesome bird watching. We all had a great time, although Jason did learn that birding with Liam is a bit different than by himself. Liam had a great time chasing pheasants. We called them Liam chickens and he would chase then into the forest then ask for more. That hike was cut a little short however because of a dirty diaper.

The second hike we took was the Kilauea Iki trail, which hikes the rim of the Kilauea Iki Crater and over the crater's bottom. The hike was amazing! It is a strange feeling standing on the crater floor of an active volcano, which could at anytime erupt. Today it did not and we are very happy about that, but we were able to see steam vents where water from the surface gets down far enough to reach the magma below and his heated up and released again as steam. This trail was about 4 miles, but in the end didn’t feel that long. Jason had a great time walking through the forest portions on this trail seeing if he could find new birds, and Liam did a great job in his backpack even taking a hour plus nap at the end.

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