Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hawaii Day 2

Tuesday Dec 13
This I feel was are first real day in Hawaii. The days before were just preparing for the fun times ahead. Today we headed out to the Greenwell Coffee Company for a tour of how coffee is made. It was really interesting that once a coffee cherry is picked it has to be processed that day or it is ruined and on this coffee farm all coffee cherries are hand picked. The picking season is about 6-7 months long. I am glad this is not my job, but am thankful for all the hard work these men and women do to bring coffee to my table in the morning.

After that awesome excursion we headed south to a place called Pu’uhonua o Honaunau or the Place of Refuge. In ancient times if you committed a crime and could reach this location before you were captured you were given a cleaning by the priest and you were forgiven for whatever crime you committed. Now, however, it is known for awesome snorkeling. Tony was awesome and watched the kids while Jason, Alison, and I snorkeled. This was Alison’s first time snorkeling, and I think we now have a committed snorkeler. The colors of the fish were so bright and the coral was beautiful.

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