Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hawaii Day 7

Sunday Dec 18
Today we decided to go out to breakfast at Island Lava Java, which has the best cinnamon roll that I have ever tried. After breakfast we all headed back out to the Place of Refuge in hopes of seeing dolphins. We did not see any in the 4 hours we were there but we did get to see 3 sea turtles. Two of which were right in by the shoreline so we were able to show the kids. Liam was quite impressed with them and kept asking for more. He also came very close to losing a finger as he tried to touch one (we didn’t let him) and the turtle surface and snapped at his finger. Liam was un-phased, but I have a feeling there are people feeding the turtles in this area since that doesn’t seem like a normal thing for a turtle to do. We all decided to go out for dinner since it is out last night together. Tomorrow the Fischer’s will head to Hilo and the Cruz’s will island hop to Oahu. We had dinner at the Kona Brewery and Pub. They are known for their beer and pizza, and I have to say that both are really good.

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