Saturday, April 14, 2012

Time is elusive

So it has been quite a while since I have updated our blog. There have been so many things that have happened since the start of the new year. We have had to make some major changes to our lives since I was laid off in Jan. Although a hard thing to go through it has been the best thing for us. I am able to appreciate life and all of it little blessing so much more because I am not always exhausted. I am blessed to spend ever day with Liam, which not all mothers are able to do. Jason has 2.5 more years left in his program, which means he is in the middle of field work and is super busy. I am amazed that he is able to balance everything. He is such an amazing and attentive father and Liam cannot wait for him to get home every day. is he getting big. It is April and he is 20 months old. It is hard to fathom that in 4 months he will be 2. He is one spunky little boy. He loves life with all his energy, and enjoys spending time with his friends and outside. He has started to put 3 word sentences together and loves to read books. We go to the library every week for story time and to get more books to read. His energy always amazes Jason and me, and we love to see and experience his zeal for life.

We have had a lot of fun in the last 2 weeks. Liam's Grandma (my Mom) came to visit, which was awesome. While she was here we took Liam to do some gymnastics, had ice cream, went to the Indy Zoo, and celebrated an early Easter. Then we had Easter last weekend and Jason, Liam, and I were blessed to be able to spend it with amazing friends and family. We all went to Kickapoo State Park for a picnic and egg hunt. It really was great to just get outside and enjoy Christ's gift to us.

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