Friday, October 19, 2012

He understands so much

Today Liam and I went by a McDonalds and this is what he said

Liam-"eat, eat time,"
Mommy- "I don't have my wallet, it's at home"
Liam- "get wallet at home"
Mommy- "would you rather eat at home and have PBJ or Mac and Cheese"
Liam- "no get wallet, come back"
Liam- "stay in car seat, mommy get wallet"
Mommy- "what are we going to do when I have my wallet"
Liam- "swipe it" "give it to people and swipe it"
Mommy- "they are going to swipe my card?"
Liam- "yep"

Oh the things he already knows and understands.

It is a great reminder that children are so much more perceptive than adults give them credit for.

I'm a Big Boy

It's the middle of October and I am not sure how we got here. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with Liam and watch him grow and change, but I am not very good at documenting the changes. I always hope that I will be better and maybe someday that will be true.

A little something...but a big success for Liam.

 As Liam neared his 2nd birthday Jason and I talked about how and when Liam would be potty trained, but our independent little boy decided by himself back in August. Jason was in Portland for a conference and Liam was just fined with a bath. He was playing on our bed when he looked at me and said "have to pee."He got down from the bed walked into the bathroom and them came back saying "I peed." When I checked I was so surprised that he had gone to the bathroom, and so proud of him. People always said boys were hard but that was easy. Since them he has been potty trained for going #1, but #2 is different story. We are just trying to be loving a supportive knowing that it will happen at some point. I am definitely and advocate for letting kids take the lead on when they are ready to potty train. They are so proud of themselves when they are able to do it and decide it on their own.