Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Halloween Fun

Well it is the end of November so that means that it is time to post something about our Halloween fun. This was Liam's second Halloween, but last year he was so bored that he slept through all the fun. This year was a little different. We started our celebration this year with a trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out some awesome pumpkins, then it was off to the children's museum, trick or treating followed by a Halloween party at home.

Turkey Run Camping

At the beginning of September we headed out again with the Leslie and Jerald Kimble for our 2nd camping trip with all the kids. This time Liam was fully moble and we and we had the addition of Osito. We all met up at our campsite at Turkey Run in Indiana on a Saturday and planned to stay until Monday. This state park is kind of a diamond in the rough. The area surrounding it isn't anything to get excited about, but once you get onto the hiking trails you are transported into sandstone gorges that you wouldn't expect to find in the midwest. We all spent 2 days hiking around the amazing places, taking BOB where no BOB has ever gone before - carrying it over rock boulders, up stone and wooden staircases, and through narrow ravine ledges. Liam was very much a trooper during these outing and enjoyed all the hiking he did when he was not confined to the stroller becasue of the dangerous ledges. The Kimble kids, Jessa, Alaina, and Aidan also did amazing. The two girls hiked the whole 2.5 hours the first day and never once complained, I think they really enjoyed seeing these beautiful sites. Jason and I had such a great time hiking and enjoying the beautiful weather with Liam and our amazing Friends.

Liam's First Birthday

I can't believe that Liam's birthday arrived so quickly and that this post is so late in the making. Life has been has been put in fast forward ever since Liam was born, which is fun and exciting but makes keeping up with the little things in life hard some times.

Liam has changed and grown so much in the last year that it is sometimes hard to remember him as a small baby that slept all day. Now he is a machine that loves to play outside as much as possible, loves to read books, and loves to color. He also enjoys chasing both cats and the dog around the house.

We celebrated Liam's first birthday on Saturday July 16th, which is the weekend before his actual birthday. We were so blessed to have some many loving family and friends join us for this special day. Liam's Great Grandma Gaffney, Great Grandma Fischer, Grandma, Grandpa, Grammie, and Papa Don all flew in for this special day and showered Liam with love and presents. He also had his Aunt Judy and Uncle Art, the Kimble clan, the Thorsons, Ahlers, and many other friends to celebrate with. Liam had a great time playing with all his new toys and eating cake for the first time, although he didn't quite know what to do with the cake.

Liam got some really fun gifts, but one of his favorites is the Climber that all his grandparents got him. He also enjoyed watching them put it together.

Thank you to everyone who made Liam's birthday so special. I was great to see all our family and friends and celebrate our wonderful little boy.