Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hawaii Adventure Travel Day

Sunday Dec 11
Today is the first day of out Big Hawaiian adventure. We all got up early today and headed to the airport for out 9:30 am flight. Liam seemed to be both tired from being woken up early and excited out the airport. He tried many times to run behind all the TSA equipment, which was really funny. We boarded our first flight, which would take us from Chicago to Honolulu (9 hours in a plane). I have to say that I was a little nervous about this adventure, but Liam was amazing. We played with toys, walked the aisles, ate, and slept. There was really only one time that he got fussy and was saying “all done”. Jason and I are so proud of how well he did on that flight, especially since I had the worst headache every for the entire flight. Once we landed in Honolulu we had a 4-hour layover before our last flight into Kona. This was a little long, but did allow Liam to get a lot of time to run around. Liam slept our last flight and all the way to the hotel. Our first night we stayed at the Outrigger. It seemed really nice at 10 pm, and even nicer in the morning.

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