Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hawaii Day 5

Friday Dec 16
Today was amazing all around. We spent the morning at Kahalu’u Beach Park, which is actually a 10 min walk from the timeshare. This is a pretty popular beach and can get busy, but it was really nice today. Jason, Alison, and I snorkeled again, but the currents were really strong and the coral there has been pretty beat up from all the snorkeling traffic of the tourists. It is hard to instill in people that they can’t step on the coral because it will kill it. Even though there wasn’t a lot of coral the fish were abundant and beautiful, and to top it off we got to see 3 more sea turtles. We tried to get Liam out in the water with us, but he still is not a fan of the water and its temperature. After the beach we headed back for naptime and rest before the nig nighttime adventure.

As evening approached Jason, Alison, and I headed to the harbor to do our Manta Ray dive/snorkel. Jason and I both dove and Alison did the snorkeling, which she loved. I can’t say enough about this experience or describe it enough to express how surreal the experience was, but it was sooooo amazing and unreal. We had a total of 5 manta rays come visit while we were down there and they would come within inches of our heads. AWESOME!!!!! The only 2 down sides to this dive were that is was cold and the swells were so bad that even though we were 35 feet down we were still getting tossed around like a sack of potatoes. In the end Jason and I had to sit on the bottom and put boulders in our laps to keep us still, but even so it was so amazing.

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