Friday, October 19, 2012

He understands so much

Today Liam and I went by a McDonalds and this is what he said

Liam-"eat, eat time,"
Mommy- "I don't have my wallet, it's at home"
Liam- "get wallet at home"
Mommy- "would you rather eat at home and have PBJ or Mac and Cheese"
Liam- "no get wallet, come back"
Liam- "stay in car seat, mommy get wallet"
Mommy- "what are we going to do when I have my wallet"
Liam- "swipe it" "give it to people and swipe it"
Mommy- "they are going to swipe my card?"
Liam- "yep"

Oh the things he already knows and understands.

It is a great reminder that children are so much more perceptive than adults give them credit for.

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