Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey Run Camping

At the beginning of September we headed out again with the Leslie and Jerald Kimble for our 2nd camping trip with all the kids. This time Liam was fully moble and we and we had the addition of Osito. We all met up at our campsite at Turkey Run in Indiana on a Saturday and planned to stay until Monday. This state park is kind of a diamond in the rough. The area surrounding it isn't anything to get excited about, but once you get onto the hiking trails you are transported into sandstone gorges that you wouldn't expect to find in the midwest. We all spent 2 days hiking around the amazing places, taking BOB where no BOB has ever gone before - carrying it over rock boulders, up stone and wooden staircases, and through narrow ravine ledges. Liam was very much a trooper during these outing and enjoyed all the hiking he did when he was not confined to the stroller becasue of the dangerous ledges. The Kimble kids, Jessa, Alaina, and Aidan also did amazing. The two girls hiked the whole 2.5 hours the first day and never once complained, I think they really enjoyed seeing these beautiful sites. Jason and I had such a great time hiking and enjoying the beautiful weather with Liam and our amazing Friends.

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